Life wants us to define our purpose and work toward fulfilling goals. Each of us must identify our reason for existing in a world with so many options. The most pressing questions we must ask ourselves are:

> Who am I?

> What do I stand for?

> How do I want to be remembered?

I have also asked myself those questions as I progress toward life’s phases. The answers I have concluded are that I have a creative soul, I have a love for humanity, and a strong desire to change for the better. Also, as a person who relies on strong spiritual connections; I am also keen to partaking in work that is fruitful. My faith in God reminds me that I cannot accept anything less.

Human beings are inventive and continue to design machines to make labor less intensive; technology that connects the continents within minutes, and medical solutions to help the sick.

With all these ideas in place, the methods of capitalism remain stationed in all parts of the planet. New ideas which are created are for sale and are delivered to different markets, instead of homes with families. This is puzzling that the ingenuity that we possess has not meant the removal of a defunct monetary protocol. How can the world move from chaos to peace when it hangs on to a system of imperialism?

It is difficult for me to comprehend the continuance of capitalism in the world when there is so much evidence that shows its crimes against humanity. The information is written in many forms of research and in personal stories. Furthermore, throughout history, many organizations and individuals have raised their voices against capital once its agenda showed a love for profit but a disdain for improving lives. Those legends are known to the world as activists.

Activists are outspoken people who hold a passion for installing peaceful solutions in a world that is filled with pandemonium. Those people are relentless in their efforts to enhance the conditions for families who face social upheavals.

Let the Lady Change the World(Synopsis)

Website: changingalie.com

Different Colors, One People (Lucky Dube)

  • We are different colors now, but the human chronicle is one that shows originality starting on the continent of Africa
  • Migration from the continent and beyond gave birth to new physical features
  • The discovery of DNA explains our connection to one another
  • Human beings have a simple human quest to survive in the most peaceful and modest way possible
  • The resilience of human beings and their determination to live healthily is in competition to monetary systems
  • Economic laws deter human beings from reaching their pinnacles 
  • The presence of slums, meager pay on the job are hindrances to individuals and their families
  • American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, developed a human theory in 1943 that detailed human needs in the form of a diagram
  • Maslow theorized that humans need: 

Self-actualization– Highest level of desiring to be the best individual in society

– Esteem– Respect, status, recognition, freedom

– Love and belongingness– Friendship, intimacy, family

– Safety– The need for safe environments once the physiological needs are met

Physiology- Food, water, clothing (Bottom of pyramid)

As long as poverty, injustice, and and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest (Nelson Mandela)

  • Capitalism is a universal system that constricts human beings
  • There is no escape from the world of capital as human beings are born into it and die while serving it
  • Socio-economic unfairness has given the world legends like Dr. King, Dr. Angela Davis, and Evo Morales who voice apposition to socio-economic injustices
  • The capitalists continue to travel the world in search of cheap labor while the workers suffer
  • Examination of socialism, capitalism, and communism and their effects on the world
  • A destruction in relationship happens because capitalists seek profits all the time regardless of social unrest
  • Capitalism is modern-day slavery–low wages and poverty are direct results of the system
  • Capitalism removes riches from the working class
  • No human being decides to be in poverty- instead the system unleashes that on to them
  • Capitalism does not support  the world’s growing population- it deprives them of economic prosperity
  • Africa is a paradox where resources are abundant but poverty is rampant. 
  • Racism and capitalism operate collaboratively and on a global scale 

Hate: It has caused a lot of problems in the world but it has not solved one

(Maya Angelou)

  • Hate unleashes its power in the absence of love
  • No one is born with hate in their hearts- instead it is a learned behavior
  • Hate is everything about those who hate; not those who become victims of hate crimes
  • Dr. Amos Wilson once classified hate as causing dis-harmony that brings death and destruction
  • Hate’s output is to disrupt other people’s lives
  • Hate is entrenched in racism and has a lasting impact on non-European people
  • The pattern of racism that European countries use(d) still affects African people
  • The death of Patrice Lumumba in the Congo is no different from the death of George Floyd
  • Generations of African people still struggle between mastering English and speaking a parlance called patois
  • Racism has become institutionalized and it is in education, housing, etc
  • History is continuously shaping those who will utilize its lessons to shed light on current issues

Where do we go from here? (Dr. King)

  • A legend whose message is still relevant
  • We need combined activism, faith, and experience to enact change in the world
  • Dr. Martin Luther King- used activism to better the lives of African people
  • He wasn’t just religious but also faithful to the cause of African people
  • Religion provides linear connections to a history of connectivity
  • Religions should placate the problems of the world
  • Instead, religion is causing more confusion than peace
  • The Bible and the Koran are doctrines of the past that should be analyzed 
  • Instead, it is racist, ignorant analysis of Islam that stops Christians from recognizing Islam’s similarities to Christianity
  • These analyses are really geo-political conclusions
  • God is the focal being of every religion
  • Are religions fulfilling God-ordained practices and messages, or humanly ideas?

An unexamined life is not worth living–(Socrates)

  • Life requires us to be in constant examination of ourselves and our environments
  • Human beings continue to work toward understanding the world we have inherited
  • We have learned about spirituality from the people of Africa
  • Science and spirituality create pathways toward utilizing objectivity to solve problems
  • The 21st century is in need of a modern-day plan to meet the needs of people
  • The world needs global-thinkers, global-changers to develop new ideas 
  • Those individuals must understand the world in order to connect the information
  • The problems of the world have origins–man-made activities
  • Poverty, militarization, are all actions of human beings and can be corrected only by humans
  • No of us should live in self-righteous ways, because that is the antithesis to the meaning of life