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Create a television station that focuses on informational analyses- not hollywood drama and biased news


My love for information is the primary reason for desiring a television station that scrutinizes the causes-and-effects of the issues we face. In my eyes, the issues are in crisis phases but ignoring them to focus on capitalistic endeavors won’t abolish them. Racism cannot go away by buying products, income inequality-and-poverty should be analyzed with capitalism in-mind, and religious dogmas need modern explanations. 

Mainstream media fails to provide evidence-based reporting that implores the audience to draw their own conclusions. Instead, information is biased and scripted with minimal room for viewers to apply logic and reasoning, and further evidentiary perspectives.

In my opinion, misinformation is a disservice that should not be taken lightly. In an era where information is abundant, media outlets should define their platforms where substantial messages take precedent. Opinions and beliefs should not replace historical examples. 


  1. Present the historicalness of the issues in the current world by perusing substantial information
  2. Analyze information with up-to-date research and evidence 
  3. Allow small-business owners to tell their stories in different advertisement slots 
  4. Highlight the works of independent film-makers, poets, self-publishing writers, and underground musical artists
  5. Refrain from relying on cultural, religious, and political networks to allow examination of those categories to take precedent over ideological conclusions
  6. Invite hosts from various disciplines to expound on the:
  • Presence of all religions and their interconnectedness
  • Philosophies of capitalism, socialism, and communism and democracy
  • History of Eurocentrism in the global world
  • Health of different ethnic groups
  • Relevance of genetics- environmental impact and biological definitions
  • Status of education beyond a career-and-status
  • Geo-political activities of western civilization
  • Contributions of Afro-Asiatic civilizations

Timeframe and Logistics:

  1. Prepare for a summer 2022 launch
  2. Utilize crowdfunding platforms to raise capital
  3. Create programs’ outlines
  4. Scout personnel 
  5. Define the legal branding of the station
  6. Research best location(s) for physical set-up