Enablers of everything capital

Refusing Resurrection according to Tolstoy

Finds friendship in currency

Heartless to the cause of humanity

Supports homelessness and hunger

Knowledgeable in laws and rights

No lesson in social-responsibility

Antithetical to the ways of Jesus and Dorothy Day

Money dominates their monthly visits

Shows up on schedule

Like the menstrual of a woman

Causing mental and physical pain

Landlords are dutiful

Like the sheriff heartlessly removing valuables

Families destroyed by laws of money

Systematic designs working against goodness


Worldly Love

Earth is a tarnished place

Destruction is the theme

In the Americas and Caribbean Sea

Europe remains adamant

Silent about its history

Descendants of Africa re-connect

Indigenous people remain firm

China operates flagrantly

Financial and political advantages

Afforded to Anglos who bank on legacies

Globalization creates unfair competition

Wait, there is hope in religion

That they say and preach

It’s the faithful who commit atrocities

Based on old hymns and prophecies

Like Israel torturing its neighbors

Preachers and rabbis alike

Teachings against God’s will

Even the history books have flaws

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