Become an Activist

Activism operates as a response to the issues which are causing harm in the lives of people. Activists are role models who refuse to accept injustices in the world and work to improve systems, so others can have easier journeys.

To protest a rule, or law is to engage in a movement that could lead to social change is the simple definition of activism. An advocate who uses strategic steps to modify a system that does not benefit a group.

A website called, Human Rights Careers, states that there are five types of activism. They are:

  • Demonstrations and protests
  • Boycotts
  • Strikes
  • Letter-writing and petitions
  • Social media campaigns

The world has seen many activists whose work addresses social unrest and socio-economic imbalances in different regions. Those individuals have been vocal about the impact of social disparities in the lives of people.

Throughout history and when change happened; it was due to individuals perusing various resources to conduct mass demonstrations. The civil rights era ignited improvement for Afro-people because African-Americans mobilized to tell the world about their pains; the women’s rights organizing mandated that women-predominantly European women- would be included in decisions. Abortion, and anti-abortion viewpoints are opposing gatherings to shed light to the presence of abortion clinics and procedures.

The world is still witnessing more schisms, which are still unleashing havoc. The 21st century has seen many advances, but socio-economic divides are common re-occurrences. There is still the rich, and the poor. There is still racism and wars, and global climate crisis. Mass incarceration, unfair wages and conditions, and poverty are other examples of issues which are still intersecting.

Because of labor problems- families can experience homelessness and food, clothing, and education scarcities. Even being employed can force families into financial despair since wages are sometimes too low to assist families with mounting bills. Unemployment increases the likelihood of facing economic defunctness, since capitalism demands payment for all actions. Employment also create constraints due to its economic fluctuations in the global market.

What needs to happen now, so human beings can grow toward harmony? What should be done today, so that present and future people can live happier, more sustainable lives? Who is responsible for solving the current problems in the world?

These questions are pressing to those who want a world that is free of chaos. There are still great humanitarians in this world, who want to see an end to racism, poverty, and even capitalism. Those individuals fail to sit back in submission and accept the continuation of systems which are destroying the structures of families.

Being an activist carries greater rewards than being a person who supports’ ideas which are ruining the human experience. Becoming a proponent of change yields stronger meaning than someone who chooses to adhere to the calamities in the world.

The moral of this is: Tap into your humanity and start a meaningful journey into activism

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