Capitalism must end

Be part of a coalition to dismantle capitalism


  1. Work to install civility without the tenets of capitalism as the foundation.
  2. Ensure that families are thriving with their basic necessities being fulfilled.
  3. Eliminate the payer-payee model to remove financial uncertainties and instabilities.

Abraham Maslow remains famous for creating a needs-assessment theory for human beings. Maslow proposed that human reach their pinnacles when their physiological, safety, love/belongness, and esteem needs are fulfilled. 

Maslow's model is a game-changing theory that should be practiced for the betterment of humanity. Capitalism does not give human beings their basic needs; because its goal is to attain profits while overworking and underpaying generations of people. 

Whether they live in Africa, the Americas, Europe, the Caribbean, or in Asia, there is an organizational chart that keeps the majority of people in a state of consumerism and labor. Its multi-tiered philosophy supports the social classes where there is the rich, and then the poor with the working class. This chart does not change with time, and many millionaires and billionaires follow this model to keep the majority as consumers and laborers even in different eras.

As a result, the world's population is confined to a payer-payee life that is placed on them from the moment when life begins, during the maturity stages, and at the time of death. Their lives are constant cycles of transactions, which are depleting their energies.

Work becomes a multi-generational habit where families and their communities are struggling to satisfy capitalistic goals. Because, the system is so defined and is inter-connected to different businesses. One has to work because the landlord awaits payment; the car dealership seeks payment for a vehicle; credit card companies want payment for purchases made on credit, and the list grows with every person within a family formation.